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congregation leaders and members

Our TIM pastor’s engagement with our congregation and leadership were exactly what we needed. He had courageous conversations with those who were confused, hurt, or had stepped away. I look forward to seeing how God’s family at our church will move forward.


Council Secretary

We lost our total leadership team within two months (two pastors, principal, and music director). Our TIM pastor brought comfort and stability. We were able to work through the grief and other challenges, and move forward in confidence.


Congregation President

I was originally opposed to having an interim pastor; didn’t think we needed it. But early on in the process, some previous issues that hadn’t been resolved showed up. Our TIM pastor led us through a Biblical process of working through the conflict and anxiety in a healthier way. Since he left, we’ve been able to use the process he coached us through, preventing new conflicts from developing. I would recommend having an interim to every congregation, no matter the circumstance.



After a major relocation and three years of calls declined for a senior pastor, our TIM pastor came and provided the direction and focus we needed. He asked the difficult questions and enabled our church family to face difficult situations and emerge with renewed focus.


Board Member

Our Interim Pastor first led us to Scripture to rediscover and reinforce our knowledge of God’s will for His Church, and then proceeded to coach us through a “Strategic Mapping” exercise where the congregation (as a whole) developed a plan for our future mission and ministry as a congregation. Based on that strategic map, we were able to identify and secure the pastor we needed to move forward.


Council President

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