become a tim practitioner

tim Discernment events

These gatherings offer an opportunity to converse with seasoned TIM pastors and consider whether TIM ministry might be where God is leading you to serve the Church now. The Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association (LuTMA) offers two-hour online discernment events. Presentations address these questions:

  • What is Transitional Interim Ministry (TIM)?
  • Is TIM right for me?
  • How do I get started?

The Michigan District offers an annual Interim Ministry Discernment event as in-person conference over three days in September. While the conference is free to those serving in the Michigan District, there is a nominal cost for materials and for those pastors attending from outside MI District, housing and food will be billed to them or to their respective District Offices. For more information, check out the Events page on the Michigan District website or contact Deb Cameron, Events Coordinator for the district. Those interested in TIM training are encouraged to do so through LuTMA (below).

tim training

The Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association (LuTMA) offers a Training in Transitions course that will equip you for effective transitional ministry. The course includes the equivalent of 60 contact hours plus a field practice where you can live into what you are learning and process your experience with a group of fellow TIM practitioners.

  • Phase 1, Congregational Dynamics and Transitions (CDT) includes twelve 90-minute sessions, with additional reading and exercises to prepare you for each session.
  • Phase 2, The Transitional Leader, is offered as a week long in-person residential training, usually including most of your colleagues from your Phase 1 training.
  • Phase 3, Field Practice in Transitional Leadership, is offered as an optional, virtual platform. In this five-month mentored experience, the participant “puts into practice” the material learned in Phases 1 and 2.

The LCMS Michigan District offers two-day conferences (noon to noon) for the continuing development of TIM practitioners in May and September. TIM practitioners from the Michigan District who have completed a TIM Discernment event or are active in TIM ministry are welcome to join at no cost. TIM pastors attending from other LCMS Districts will be billed for housing/food, or directly bill their respective District Office.