You do not what to miss it!

A change in leadership is an anxious time in any organization; even more so in a family of faith where the pastor impacts the values and culture of your life together. You are probably thinking you will do whatever it takes to call your next pastor as quickly as possible.

Experience shows there’s a better way: to leverage this special time as an opportunity to… 

  • remember your congregation’s story
  • get clear on the things that shape your congregation’s unique culture and setting
  • ensure healthy and strong congregational communication
  • lay the groundwork to call the right pastor, one who is gifted and excited to lead you into your next chapter of ministry.

We have trained and prepared a group of experienced LCMS pastors who are called to do just this sort of work, continuing vital Word and Sacrament ministry during your transition period while also guiding you through a process to rediscover the work God has given you to do in the world.

Click below to hear from lay leaders whose LCMS congregations have benefitted from Transitional Interim Ministry.

who are tim pastors?

LCMS TIM pastors are leaders with years of parish ministry experience who are called to serve the Church by guiding congregations through the often-anxious period of pastoral transition. They are exceptional listeners, ready to discover your story, encourage your leaders, and champion the mission opportunities that flow from your values and context.

TIM pastors often work away from home and family, going where the need is to strengthen a congregation in mission and ministry. On top of the array of duties performed by any parish pastor, they skillfully guide through a process bringing clarity to your congregation’s unique story, mission, and ministry.

what can a tim pastor do for our congregation?


Your congregation’s mission and ministries continue strong during the transition, so that visitors connect and members continue to grow.


A TIM pastor can help you walk through grief and loss. His steady and caring presence can help rebuild trust where trust has been lost.


Years of faithful ministry have shaped values that point to the unique way you live out God’s Good News to your community and the world.


Working with your TIM pastor, you will become clearer about what you need from your next pastor and unified as you seek God’s guidance to a call.

what are my next steps?

If you’d like to know more about TIM, click on the button below to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on this website.

If you have questions not addressed on the FAQ page, contact Peter Alexander, an LCMS pastor who serves as an advisor to the IMC Board and has years of experience with Interim Ministry. Email Peter at

If you’re ready to explore a TIM pastor for your congregation, contact your District President.